A place to digitize your idea, your business, your dreams, make it come true with us

not only selling hosting and domains, we offer custom designs in 1 package and 1 price. and another digital service offer like custom integrated software for support your great business

We are a small yet but young squad of people working hard to create and sell on a digital scale. We’ve been doing it with our money, time, and energy from day one we start. We are a digital development and independent company with strong values ​​that we convey through everything we do.

A bit of story

We expanded our idea to be able to provide more than hosting and domain. We are offering an entire ecosystem for our customers to succeed in the digital landscape. From top-notch hosting service and cutting-edge customization application to educational onboarding and content, we’re making sure people who join us have everything they need to make it happen.

We truly embrace our mission to help people have a positive impact, and we achieve that through the products we develop, the way we create nice experiences for our customers, and the efforts we put in.


CV. Yassa Pratama abadi

JL. Lingkar Selatan Kmp. Batuah Mahatama No.1 Banjarmasin Selatan, Kota Banjarmasin Indonesia